What activated charcoal does to your skin



At times, you have to fight fire with fire when it comes to dealing with the unwanted effects of pollution on your skin. With a wonder ingredient that’s among the purest forms of carbon – Charcoal.

However counter-intuitive this might sound but charcoal is incredible in sucking out the other unwanted forms of carbon – dirt, impurities & all sorts of grime that find their way into your skin’s pores.

More potent in its activated form, it gives your skin a pore-deep cleanse, improves overall skin tone and leaves it nicely fresh and clean.

First things first: what is activated charcoal, and why should you put it on your skin?

Activated charcoal is a processed form of carbon that multitasks for your skin. The tiny particles can go inside your pores to unclog them and clean them out and leave you with an even skin tone. Products that contain activated charcoal are usually used when you want to give your skin a deep clean, and are often seen as face scrubs, masks, face washes and soaps.

What are pores, you ask?

Pores are tiny pockets in your skin that are basically the way out for the different secretions from your body. While we all have them, some of us have smaller pores, and others have bigger ones. Regardless of your pore size, they can get clogged up with a build of said secretions. Why is this bad? Well, for one, your skin can’t remove the build up easily leading to breakouts, oily skin and more!

Okay, so how is activated charcoal beneficial?

Unclogs and cleanses pores: Like we said, pores, whether big or small, get clogged with a buildup of sebum and other secretions. Activated charcoal helps in clearing those build ups and unclogging them, which can help with minimizing infections and acne.

Reducing acne and breakouts: The math is simple – if you cleanse your skin often, you’ll have a lower risk of encountering acne and breakouts. While the cause can be varied like over-sweating, or dirt mixing with an open wound or even sharing grooming tools, products with activated charcoal can help cleanse the skin enough to avoid frequent breakouts.

Exfoliating the skin: Regardless of what skin type you have or what time of the year it is, regular exfoliation is key to keeping your skin healthy. The particulate matter in activated charcoal helps in scrubbing off dead skin cells, leaving you with even toned, fresh skin.

Oil balance: While the properties of activated charcoal make it the ideal companion for oily skin (since it removes excess oil from your skin), it actually also works in maintaining a moisture balance on your skin, even if your skin is dry! Remember to adjust the frequency of a product containing activated charcoal basis your skin type, and you are good to go! A combination with another wonderful ingredient in the form of Aloe Vera in such cases does wonders.

Detoxifies and evens skin tone: Activated charcoal doesn’t just cleanse your skin, it also helps give it an even glow in the long run! Regular use of this ingredient is known for helping get rid of patchy skin, or an uneven skin tone.

In short, even when caught in the hustle bustle of modern times you’re looking for that one magical ingredient to keep your skin always feeling fresh & clean, charcoal is the way to go.

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