Zahara’s home saved from being auctioned




Zahara is in huge relief after her home has been saved from being locked up.

In May, the star cried out for help and she’s embraced people willing to help her as she’s about to lose her house.

The house was soon be auctioned due to unsettled debt; her house was also robbed as over 5 awards were stolen.

Well, in a Facebook post, Zahara expressed her gratitude for her support.

Her house was scheduled for auction today, but she canceled it after receiving contributions from her fans to save it.

“A month back your Country Girl came out and spoke about how she’s on the verge of losing her house and asked for Donations in coming up with the R350 000 the bank wanted,” she wrote on social media.

“Your Country Girl came out and spoke about her financial problems to show ownership of her life moving forward. Thank you to every individual who donated and helped out, your contributions were very helpful. Nenze njalo nakwabanye. The auction that was scheduled for tomorrow is canceled. Thank you for your donations and prayers.”


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