Sizwe Dhlomo opens up about how Anele Mdoda helped him at the start of his career




Sizwe Dhlomo decided to surprise popular 947 radio presenter and TV host Anele Mdoda with flowers.

Mdoda, who was on a two-month hiatus, recently got back to her breakfast show on 947.

Taking to Twitter, Sizwe opened up about how she helped him at the start of his career.

He also revealed that Anele listened to him every time he had so much to do.

He wrote: “I had met @Anele at 5fm, the year prior & she spent some months coaching me about what she knew about radio. Every evening, Scoop & I would do a mock show & I’d drop off a copy at her house. She’d listen, make notes & the following day I’d go back in & execute.”

“We did this for a full month, leading up to our show … (Anyone that’s ever worked with me will tell you how pedantic I am)… On the last day of the mock shows, @Anele gave me this plate. I kept it (I keep everything) and we started our show.”

“I took it as my permission to get on the airwaves from one of the greatest in my generation. We were still young then but you could already tell she was going to be something great. Anyway, I love you Nels! To ownership! 🍻 cheers 🥂.”

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