What are the laws of attraction and how can you use them to find love?



The laws of attraction encompass the philosophy that your beliefs become your reality. Therefore, you’ll attract positive results if you think positively about your life.

The laws of attraction can be used for many things such as career success, financial abundance, good health, and even amazing relationships.

If you find yourself at a point where you’re ready to find love, you can use the laws of attraction for that too. Here’s how.

1. Develop “an attitude of gratitude”

Developing an “attitude of gratitude” means learning to be grateful for everything you have rather than focusing on the things you don’t. To get started, write down 10 things you’re grateful for in your life. For example, you could write, “I’m grateful for the home that provides me shelter and safety. Do this every day to grow your gratitude and to really get the most out of the laws of attraction.

2. Love yourself first

As cliche as it sounds, you do need to love yourself first. If this is something you struggle with, there are ways you can use the laws of attraction to foster self-love. Start by writing a list of all the things you love about yourself. It might be hard at first, but list anything you can think of to start. It could even be, “I’m a good listener.” Keep adding to this list as you think of more things, which you will. Next, any time you say something mean about yourself, replace it with a positive thought.

3. Be grateful for the relationships you already have

This is a lot of what the laws of attraction are all about. Inviting love into your life means being grateful for all your relationships, including those with your friends, family, and even co-workers. Whenever you spend time with someone or catch yourself thinking about them, remember to consider why you are grateful for having them in your life. For example, “I’m grateful my friend is always here for me when I need her.” Appreciate the relationships you have so you can attract more into your life.

4. Replace negative thoughts about love with positive ones

Unless you’re one of the few who’ve never had their heart broken, you probably have some negative thoughts about love. For example, if an ex was ever cruel to you, you might believe that’s all you deserve, or every new person you meet will end up hurting you. When these repetitive thoughts plague your mind, try replacing them with a counteractive positive idea such as, “I deserve love, and there are good people out there.”

5. Surround yourself with positivity

What and who you surround yourself with can shape your thoughts about love. For example, getting together with your friends and constantly complaining about relationship woes will only keep you in a negative mindset. Instead, surround yourself with positive views on love. For example, you can watch romantic comedies with happy endings, listen to upbeat love songs, or even follow influencers who talk positively about love and relationships.

6. Be clear about what you want in a relationship

When you’re ready to attract love into your life, you don’t want to settle on the first person who gives you attention. Instead, take some time to think about what you want in a relationship, and then write it down. Having a clear idea about what you value and look for when it comes to love will make it easier to notice the right person when they come into your life. This is one of the most vital parts of using the laws of attraction to their fullest potential.

7. Create a vision board

A vision board is a collection of images and words that represent your dreams and goals. It’s also a powerful tool to find love using the laws of attraction. To get started, gather images and words that represent the kind of relationship you want. These can be photos from magazines, online printed pictures, or artwork. Then, glue them to a poster board or pin them to a cork board and hang them somewhere you’ll see them regularly. Then, every time you see it, really look it over and imagine just how amazing it will feel once you’ve found that love.

8. Practice visualization

Visualization is a technique used by people worldwide, from athletes to business professionals and everyday people and it’s a huge part of the laws of attraction. It’s when you create a visual image in your mind of what it is you are trying to succeed in or attract into your life. For example, if you are trying to attract love into your life, you could use visualization by closing your eyes and creating a mental image of what it will look like when you find love.

9. Start living as if you’ve already found love

Is there something you’ve wanted to do but are putting off until you can do that with someone you love? Perhaps it’s a “romantic” travel destination or a fancy restaurant. No matter what it is, don’t wait. Life is too short. Plus, according to the laws of attraction, you must start living your life as if you’ve already found love to attract love. You can even take this a step further. When you look at your life, is there room for love? And if not, how can you create space for love? Take some time to think this over and make any necessary changes.

10. Trust love is on its way

The last thing to know when using the laws of attraction to find love is to trust that love is already on its way. Any time you start to doubt it, refer to the many tools listed above to get back into the right mindset and believe that you will find love. After all, the laws of attraction is all about attracting what you think, so if there’s doubt in your mind, it can’t work.

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