Anele Zondo accused of breaching a contract





Anele Zondo has been accused of betraying Everything Creative Agency (ECA).

It was reported that the star has been working with ECA for a year.

“The agency used to search and secure business deals for her. Through this partnership, she managed to partner with big brands including Catrice Cosmetics and Olmeca Tequila. The 12-month agreement was that she’d be paid a fee for posting products on social media pages but she never signed it.”

However, Anele’s job was just to post twice on all social media platforms but instead, she did not.

“Her job was very simple. It was to post twice on her social media pages including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Tik Tok, and on YouTube. However, she failed to do this but she was paid for the job”.

It was also stated that the last straw was when Anele stole an international business deal.

“ECA was approached by Foreo, a Swedish beauty and skincare company. Asking to collaborate with Anele. ECA informed Anele about this opportunity and she was excited about it”.


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