How much do looks really matter in a relationship?



Do looks matter in a relationship? Of course, they do! Admitting looks matter in a relationship doesn’t make you shallow.

Well, as long as you understand that it takes more than a great physical appearance to keep a relationship intact.

Long-lasting relationships do not solely depend on beauty or physical attraction but shared interests, individual characteristics, and of course, the matters of the heart “LOVE.”

Do looks matter in a relationship?

Do looks matter? Well, looks play an important role in a relationship. What first attracted you to your partner? You can hardly say it was their sense of humor or their kind nature since you didn’t know them yet.

Chances are, it was a physical trait that first ignited the attraction in you. The more you got to know your partner, the more you fell in love with the little things and the beauty beneath the surface.

It is safe to say our definition of beauty isn’t the same as it was 200 years ago. A study has shown that more exposure to certain faces changes how we see them over time. Our attractiveness towards such faces increases.

Have you heard the phrase “beauty is in the eye of the beholder”?  A study shows that our environment and experiences shape our interpretation of beauty. What we deem beautiful can be influenced by social media and our peers.

This, of course, shows that the idea of beauty is subjective.

Does appearance matter in a relationship? Yes, it does, but this shows that looks go beyond having a pretty or handsome face. Most people interpret looks to include features beyond the physical such as,

  • A great fashion style
  • A great personality
  • Good hygiene
  • A sense of humor
  • Good values
  • Empathy

Are looks important to a partner?

To a certain extent, yes, looks are important to a partner. A level of attraction is needed to make a relationship work. Intimacy without attraction is nearly impossible.

Looks carry more weight with men, according to a study. Although the men that partook in the study still value other things such as personality and kind nature.

However, looks aren’t the only important thing in a relationship. The friendship in a relationship plays a bigger role than looks. Most couples barely talk to each other past the normal pleasantries.

They don’t talk about problems when they arise or share their feelings. Someone who only cares about looks might not notice when the other partner is going through a tough time. After all, physical appearance, not feelings, is important in their relationship.


Do looks matter in a relationshipLooks aren’t everything in a relationship, but they do matter. A relationship based on physical appearance often has an expiration date.

Many factors play a role in the success of any relationship, including the couple’s personalities, shared interests or values, and mutual love for each other.

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