3 tips for addressing expectations in friendship



While it’s crucial to be proud of who you are and to assume that your true friends enjoy your time and value your friendship, friends cannot and shouldn’t be expected to fulfill all of your needs.

You must draw a line between the two. In addition to being an essential part of self-care, boundaries are the foundation of any healthy connection, even the ones you have with your closest friends.

Because when these boundaries are breached, disappointments frequently come from unmet expectations.

Therefore, before addressing any expectations in your friendship, keep the following in mind.

1. Be realistic

We frequently place the chosen people in our lives on a pedestal and give them the spotlight necessary for them to become our aspirational and idol figures. The ultimate huge shock and disappointment we experience when these folks ultimately fall short of the standards we have set for them is inevitable. Therefore, having reasonable expectations helps you stay away from wounded and irate emotions. They also assist you in concentrating on what you can do to improve the situation.

2. Considering a midway solution

Sometimes you’ll need to meet your friend halfway because their expectations can be completely at odds with yours. Compromises can be a deal breaker in these circumstances. Even though it can be challenging at times, you shouldn’t give up. Simply put, it indicates that you and your friend both need to put in a bit more effort to comprehend one another’s perspectives. You will be delighted you put out the work once you ultimately arrive at a solution that fulfills the needs of both of you.

3. Try to solve problems on your own

Problems are a common occurrence in life, whether they are related to relationships, finances, or the workplace. Some situations can feel overly complicated and you might want to reach out for help. Avoid requesting assistance from others for tasks you might complete on your own with a little more effort. While occasionally lending a hand to friends in exchange for a favour is acceptable, placing too much of your day’s burden in the hands of another person almost always results in disaster.

Not everyone views friendship in the same ways, and not everyone has the same beliefs. In order for your pals to get how you feel, it is crucial that you speak with them. Everyone can change their expectations as a result of this conversation once you have a better understanding of how they are feeling.

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