What are the best homemade foods for pets?



As the saying goes, a healthy pet is a happy pet!

All pet parents are aware of the importance of feeding the right foods to their four-legged family members. The right foods mean the right nutrients, of course.

While there are debates about the nutrients in packed food or kibble, there’s no denying that you get the ideal nutrition with a home food diet.

But what does fresh home food mean?

It’s not just natural products but also a combination of the optimum amount of fibre, protein and other essential nutrients. When you make fresh food for your pet, you know exactly what you’re putting in their bowls rather than

giving something that is loaded with chemicals and preservatives with only a label on the packaging to inform you about the details of the ingredients and the process of making it.

Dogs require a protein-rich meal. Therefore, choosing fresh foods that are rich in protein and do not contain ingredients such as gluten, soy, and corn becomes paramount. Choose foods that are also formulated with fruits and vegetables for a good dose of antioxidants and fibre.

The right kind of homemade food can help in improving your pet’s overall health and will also keep them energetic and happy. Other benefits of giving your pets a homemade meal include:

• Shiny coats
• Better breath
• Improved eyesight
• Optimal heart health
• Stronger bones

While it is recommended to give fresh food to your pets, before you do so it is advised to check with your vet or the nutritionist according to your pet’s breed, and health issues (if any).

The buck doesn’t just stop at food, their snacks and treats are also to be factored into the diets. A healthy homemade or raw snack can do wonders for your pets.

Here’s a list of pet-safe treats that can be made easily in every household:

• Peanut butter
• watermelon cubes
• cucumbers
• frozen yoghurt bites with berries
• frozen peanut butter bites
• fruits like pineapples, apples, bananas, pears.
• carrots can be a great chew treat

Although most fruits and vegetables are safe for your pet’s consumption, there are a few that can be toxic for them. Here’s a list of some fruits, vegetables and treats that can be toxic for pets:

• Cherries
• Raisins
• Grapes
• Onions
• Chocolates/Cocoa
• Avocado

Fillers and preservatives can affect your dog’s health over a period of time and it may not be noticeable in the immediate future. Rest assured, with a fresh human-grade diet, your pets will enjoy long-term health benefits and increased energy.

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