Can a man be faithful to one woman forever?



Love and faithfulness are interlocked yet so different.
A man can love one woman forever even if the lady marries another man but faithfulness on the other hands I think should be judged individually because it is premised on one’s nature.
So the answer is absolutely YES…but the type of men who can love and remain faithful to their women are…
1. Those who marry ladies with the type of sexual endowments they desire

A lady can have all the good inner attributes and that will certainly make a man love her but she needs more than inner beauty to make a man sexually faithful to her.Men are visual in nature and tend to get carried away by what they see…and whatever is pleasing to their eyes will inadvertently be pleasing to their soul.

Why marry a lady that does not turn you on physically just to get carried away by another lady who does?…in 8 out of 10 instances…men cheat with a lady who has some sort of sexual feature they want but lacking in their woman.. FACT!

2. Men who are married to ladies who know how to sexually please them

Some men are fortunate to marry a lady who can make them day dream about intimacy because these ladies will keep them sexually satisfied but guys who are married to sexually timid ladies stand the risk of going out to seek the fun they lack.

3. Those who love God enough to keep their marital vow

Such men are very rare which makes it difficult to see a man who will be sexually faithful to one woman…nevertheless, any man who truly loves GOD and has self control can overlook the first two points and remain faithful to his woman against all odds.

The question is; How many men have these 3 as highlighted above?

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