Pabi Cooper reunites with her former football team (Video)


Pabi Cooper expresses excitement upon reuniting with her former football team.

In a video shared on her Instagram account, the musician was seen in a stadium and some young women ran to hug her in excitement.

Reunited with my former teammates. Now they even have new players that are soo good,” she captioned the post.

A few months ago, Pabi revealed that she’s a professional referee as she has a huge love for soccer.

“I remember being told that I wouldn’t amount to anything because of how I used to conduct myself when I was 15. I’d often go out with my friend, not focusing enough on my school books… actually at that time, I thought I knew everything. I thought I was cool. Luckily I had a turning point in my life when I found my love for soccer two years later by being a goalkeeper.”

Speaking about how to blend both careers, she said, “But now that I am in the music industry, I am working on ways of how to incorporate me being a professional referee into my music. I mean, I sometimes dress like a referee when I perform and in my music videos.”

Watch the video of the singer with her former team below:

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