AKA taunts Nadia Nakai about her ex, “Vic Mensa still loves you?” (Video)


AKA taunts Nadia Nakai about her ex-boyfriend, Vic Mensa.

During a Live chat with their fans, the lovers were asked different questions which they answered; a viewer asked Nadia if her ex still loves her but she snubbed the question.

Kiernan spotted the question and asked Bragga loudly, “Vic Mensa still loves you?”

Nadia who didn’t expect such an act from him questioned why he read it out and they both laughed over it.


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Nadia Nakai and Vic Mensa dated briefly, but she revealed that it came to an end due to the distance between them, as Nadia is in South Africa while Vic lives in America.

The news about their break up was revealed by the rapper in the reality show she starred in.

Following her split with the American-Ghanaian rapper, Bragga moved on with AKA and they seem to be enjoying their love life, as Nadia recently revealed her desire to have Supa Mega’s babies.

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