Open Mic defends Master KG against Charmza the DJ and Biblos


Open Mic record label defends Master KG against allegations by Biblos and Charmza the DJ.

On Tuesday, Charmza and Biblos took KG to court over ownership of the hit song, Jerusalema; they claimed the producer isn’t the rightful owner of the song.

While Master KG put out his anger and frustrations over the different drama the song has triggered, Open Mic dismissed the allegations saying KG owns the song.

“It is regrettable and unfortunate that factually misleading statements were made by the attorney who was interviewed concerning this matter which is pending before the courts, and which in the fullness of time, the court will hear evidence in relation to. It is inappropriate to pass allegations as facts – allegations which are not yet tested in court.

“The appropriate thing to do is wait until such time that Biblos and DJ Charmza take the stand to speak to their case and Open Mic will have an opportunity to disprove the claims made by them,” reads the statement in part.

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