What your handwriting style says about your personality



There is a whole lot of science behind your handwriting revealing bits about your personality.

Your handwriting is used to analyse your capabilities, and your health and even serve as evidence for investigation purposes.

Quite interestingly, your handwriting predicts a lot about your personality–the way you draw your ‘L’ or the spaces you provide, between letters.

Here’s what your handwriting style tells about your personality.

1. Size of your letters

If you write large-sized letters, you are likely to be a people-oriented person who feels the need to please and act according to others. You want others to notice you.

If you write small-sized letters, you are likely to be an introvert who likes being in your own space. You have great concentration levels and are really focused.

2. How your words slant

If your words slant towards the right side, then you are a friendly, happy-go-lucky person. You love living in the moment and you also highly value your close ones.

If your words slant towards the left side, then you are someone who’s very focused on themselves alone. You don’t usually think about others before making a decision.

If your words have no slant, then you are a very logical person, who doesn’t depend on emotions for making decisions.

3. The upper zones of your letters

Looped L means you are highly hopeful and dream about a better future.

Retraced L means you have difficulties accepting failures and thus, your dreams get squashed.

Looped T means you are quite sensitive about accepting criticism.

Retraced T means you are a very hardworking, ethical and good person.

4. The lower zones of your letters

Slender Y means you are very selective while making friends and companions.

Broad Y means you are very social and have a large group of friends.

Long Y indicates your love for freedom, adventure and travel.

Short Y means you love to stay at home, within the vicinity of your comfort zone.

5. The space between letters

When there’s less space between letters, it means you are logical and make decisions very carefully, based on stats and facts.

When there’s enough space between letters, it indicates your high level of intellect.

6. Crossed T’s

When your T has a strike that’s crossed above, it means you aim high and have ambitions that you want to achieve.

When your T has a strike that’s crossed low, it means you have low self-esteem issues.

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