5 mistakes that are killing your s*x life



Not just sitting and being lazy, there are several reasons that make our sex lives dull.

There are some habits and silly practices which kill the zeal that your sex life needs.

Read on to know 6 such mistakes that you have probably been making and are killing your sex life.

1. You take too much stress

If you take too much stress about everything, be it work or house chores or even if it i about trying different things in bed, then too it can kill your sex life. The stress does not let us concentrate on anything and your cortisol levels get too high. These levels are mood killers as they work on suppressing your testosterone and other hormone productions.

2. Lack of sleep

Lack of sleep can be a major cause for being tired all the time. If you are overworking and your body is not getting ample rest, it will feel tired by the end of the day so sex will always be out of the window. Either take catnaps in the afternoon or change your diet and lifestyle.

3. Imbalance hormone

If you think there is medically some issue with you, you can be discreet and fix an appointment with your doctor. It is possible that you were born with naturally low testosterone.

4. Frequent couple fights

Every couple fights but it is all about the frequency and magnitude. If you and your partner fight way too much and it is always unhealthy, then it is obvious that your sex lives will be affected too as you tend to feel off about your partner. You both need to work on your sync and balance in order to have good sex too.

5. Unsatisfying sex

There are times when the partner is not satisfying you and therefore after so many disappointments, you just do not feel like it. If this is the case with you then it is high time you both discuss this out. You sometimes need to tell your partner what you like in bed, how you like it and what they are doing wrong. If they continue doing what you do not like and they are not even being told what the issue is, how will things move forward?

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