5 steps to improving your everyday makeup look



Depending on how much time we have before leaving the house, we all have a simple makeup regimen that we use most days.

Even though it’s simple to perform a rudimentary look, we could all use a few pointers to help us build on what we already know.

On this list are five makeup secrets that can help you take your everyday makeup look to a whole new level:

1. Upgrade your tools

You will never know what a huge difference having tight tools makes until you actually try them out. And don’t worry, it is not about buying a whole set of expensive brushes and blenders because all you need are the most important basics.

If your tools aren’t great quality or worn out and you can afford to upgrade them, you should go for it. The blending will just look smoother, and that’s one quick way you can improve your look already.

2. Get the right products

Makeup is usually about the details. Something as small as the wrong colour of concealer can throw off your entire makeup regardless of how expensive your products were.

Take your time when choosing your main products like powder and foundation and don’t be quick to buy products online until you’re sure they are the correct shade for you.

Make sure the person convincing you to buy a certain product has tested it properly because you will be stuck with it for a long time.

3. Maintain simplicity

Your everyday makeup look should be different from your going out look or the look you go for when there’s an event.

The key to looking clean every day is to keep it simple because applying more doesn’t usually look good in natural light. Whenever you choose to apply, do light touches and that should be enough.

4. Highlight your best features

Since an everyday look should be easy, consider focusing on your best features. This will draw attention to where you want the focus to be without needing to apply a lot of makeup.

If your eyes are what you love most, you can choose to be applying false lashes and a bit of eyeliner then leave out the rest. If your lips stand out, you can invest in good quality lipstick or lip gloss collection.

5. Update your technique

This is also another big thing you need to pay attention to if you want to become a pro, or at least improve your makeup skills. There might be a couple of techniques you have that aren’t really giving you the best results so this is a great chance to learn.

A slight change like lightly stroking your eyebrows with a pencil instead of roughly pressing it on your brow can make a big difference. You can even learn the correct way to apply your blush if you’ve noticed that how you’ve been applying it looks off.

Look for that area that you could work on and check online for some tutorials.

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