5 unusual places you can hide your money



While it could be to protect it from your cunning siblings, a possibly non-existent thief, spouse, or safeguarding it from suspecting neighbours ( or even more truthfully your own folks).

Bizarre or statistical, these reasons lead to actions, no one lacks creativity when it comes to hiding precious, pretty money.

While the list could go on, and keep surprising me, let me slide you through some unusual places to hide money that I collected from various sources- friend, family and foe!

1. Teddy bears

Let’s jump from cookies to teddys. Don’t the above two just look adorable? Adorable enough to go unsuspected? Well that’s the plan. Remember those cute cuddly teddy bears that come with an inbuilt battery and a zip at the back to access this battery? How does that space picture to you as a cozy, cuddly money storing space? Conniving much?

2. Hollow book

One of my personal favourites. How often do you suspect a good classic to be a little piggy bank in disguise? This idea would be great for those who maintain home libraries and this hiding place would be one tough bush to beat. Only regret being the need to cut the pages off. Then again there are those ready-made cut/hollow books that serve the purpose.

3. Underground secret jar

If this sounds a bit in the lines of Sherlock or Poirot, forgive me. A well protected jar buried in your garden or backyard could be a wonderful and unusual place to hide your money. Only mark the place with a pebble or little something. Apparently this was a favourite of our ancestors.

4. Socks

This might seem a bit odd for those of you who believe socks serve two functions: To be worn or for dear old Santa, well let me introduce a 3rd one- hide your money too!

5. Between stairway planks

Fix up a loose plank that acts as a make shift tiny cupboard to store/hide money.

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