4 ways to tell if you are getting ‘wokefished’ while dating



While the internet and modern technology have made it simpler for us to discover love, it’s also much easier to control the love and the lover according to our moods and desires.

And “wokefishing” is yet another term added to this list of manipulative dating tactics that describes someone who seems to have more progressive beliefs than they actually do.

It is indeed a repercussion of being “woke,” which is a term used to describe a perception of awareness of social justice issues.

However, this one goes a step further because it involves pretending to be “woke” in order to win over a possible date.

In order to win your love, most men will present themselves as more progressive than they actually are.

Here are four signs that you’re being “wokefished” during dating to help you avoid being misled.

1. He doesn’t live up to his words

He begins by expressing his pride in your dedication to your work before continuing to always second-guess it and act as though it’s all good fun. A toxic person has the power to completely alter your life, and before you know it, you’ve been so enmeshed in their priorities that you have lost sight of your own. This guy complains about racism yet would never date a woman with dusky complexion. In this case, your partner may not be in touch with his emotions, which undermines what they say and do.

2. Establishing a possible relationship on a false foundation

Developing a future relationship on the basis of lies will inevitably result in heartbreak. Somewhat conversations about race, the environment, being compassionate to others, and regional and global reform are currently taking place, which puts pressure on people to participate in them. In other words, some people lie because they are aware that if they don’t act as though they care, they won’t progress.

3. You can see him misleading others

His prejudices will surface with others, regardless of how good he is at appearing to be with you. Pay close attention to his behaviour so you can see how he interacts with those he doesn’t want to date. Whether you are worried about loneliness or believe you won’t ever find another partner who is so attentive, it all becomes pointless if he lacks social skills and may even lash out at you in the future.

4. His actions scream low key gender biasness

Even highly progressive people occasionally employ gendered stereotypes, but in a partnership, this can be particularly destructive since your partner’s treatment of you may be influenced by their own gender stereotypes. If your boyfriend expects you to be all dressed to the nines and groomed up, and seems anxious that your clothing could “provoke” attention from others, then this man is misogynist.

Finally, it’s crucial to understand that once wokefishers have been exposed for their behaviour, they may use manipulation to get you to believe them. In such circumstances, it is always advisable that you let go and move on.

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