5 subtle things you can do right after s*x to boost your bond



Cuddling and some cute talks after a romp in the sack is something that every couple loves doing.

However, there are also several other things that you can do after sex that can help you increase your bond with your partner.

This is not meant for couples who are just whiling away their time doing casual sex. This is strictly meant for couples who are in love and committed to each other.

Just bring in an element of surprise into your relationship and the passion will totally increase. Some changes in your post sex routine will make a lot of difference.

To keep things fascinating after sec, here are the 5 things that you can do after sex. This will increase the love, bond and make you fall in love with your partner more.

1. A massage after sex

After you have sex, why not gift your partner with a much deserved massage. Giving a massage after sex will increase your intimacy and bring you closer. Make tour partner feel loved and cared for. He or she is sure to enjoy every bit of this.

2. Kissing after sex

The usual notion is that after sex all you need to do is cuddle and go off to sleep. Why not bring a change to this and kiss after sex. Yes you tread it damn right. Kiss your partner after a good session of sex and see how good it feels. Keep the kissing soft and smooth.

3. You can also feed each other

Feeling hungry after sex is pretty normal. The next time there is a romp in the sack; make sure you eat and feed each other naked. You do not have to put on clothes.  It is super sexy to be fed like this.

4. Hold each other and breathe slowly

Cuddling is something that most couples in love do after sex. However, take your cuddling to the next level. Hold each other close and breathe slowly. Your faces should be close to each other so that you feel their breath. The feel and sound of their breath will definitely increase your bonding.

5. Take shower

You have to clean up after making love. So instead of taking turns to do it, why not do it together. Take a shower after sex and come out refreshed and closer.

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