10 mistakes parents make when they visit a pediatrician



It isn’t uncommon for parents to get overwhelmed when it comes to their kids.

Be it a parents-teacher meeting or a visit to the doctor, parents always try to better things from their end, being unaware of the tons of mistakes they make in the process.

During a visit to the pediatrician, parents make several mistakes out of sheer panic for the health of their kids.

However, it is important to know these mistakes so that it does not affect the treatment process which is way more important than anything else.

1. Do not panic

This is the first and the foremost rule when you are visiting a doctor. Put your faith and trust on the expert and seal your apprehensions.

A big advantage of this is, when you are calm you can remember many things regarding the health of your child and discuss it with the doctor. Another advantage is when you are in a peaceful state you tend to listen and understand more.

​2. Let your child cry out loud

Many times it is seen that moms and dads get embarrassed when the child cries out loud constantly. Many moms try to shush the child. This is wrong.

Crying is the only way a child can convey its pain. It is important for the doctor to see when the child is crying. So, next time when you visit your pediatrician do not feel bad about your child crying incessantly.

3. Make a note before the visit

Always remember your child can not speak for itself. You have to speak for your child’s health.

It is obvious to forget important details about the child’s health, for which the safest option is to make a note and share it with your doctor during the visit. A little bit of homework can save you time and effort and will get you timely medical help.

4. Always be honest

Do not hide anything related to the child’s health from your pediatrician. Be as honest as possible so that the symptoms are clearly diagnosed by the doctor and your child gets the best treatment.

​5. Don’t be smart

Many times parents try to talk more than required and try to measure the doctor’s expertise. Refrain from doing so. Whenever you are visiting a doctor your goal should be to get the best treatment for your child. Whenever at a doctor’s place, listen as much as you can and speak whatever is required.

6. ​Do not miss appointments

If your doctor has asked you to come again, schedule the appointment and pay visit timely. Do not miss any appointment when you feel your child has started doing good. Taking care of a child is a group activity in which you and your pediatrician are team members.

7. Do not delay in admitting your mistakes

If you have made any mistake in taking care of the child or administering any medication, please contact the doctor immediately and be honest about everything. Do not try to cover up your mistakes. Remember, the more you delay in bringing out the mistakes, the higher is the risk to your child’s health.

8. Do not ask for medicines

Listen to your doctor’s suggestions and follow the medicines prescribed. Do not go out of your way asking for medicines that you might have heard from someone else. Every child’s medication requirement is different.

9. Focus on the symptoms, not on other things

It is observed that many parents start blaming other kids in the neighborhood for the infection of their child and go on for minutes blaming them. Instead of such meaningless talks, tell your doctor the symptoms of your child and get proper medical help.

10. ​Do not look for solutions over the internet

This is a big mistake new-age parents are making. Before heading to a pediatrician’s office, they try to self-diagnose through information available over the internet.

Stop doing that. The internet only provides you the raw information, suggestions from an expert comes from years of practice and experience.