3 reasons why your man doesn’t apologize after a fight



Most relationships may see their fair share of arguments and fights despite having an open line of communication between the two partners.

While having a spat daily with your spouse might be a cause for concern; infrequent or occasional disagreements are quite normal.

Yet, in the process of making up, one or both partners usually apologize to each other.

However, if your man has never apologized to you and always refuses to do so after fight, here are a few reasons that may explain his behavior.

1. He has a large ego that stops him from being vulnerable

Some people hesitate to show vulnerability when they are in a relationship. No matter how close you are with your partner, if he has a problem seeming weak and vulnerable, it could be due to his ego. Certain people feel too proud to apologize and refuse to beg their partners for forgiveness this is a concerning character trait that can be seen as a red flag in a relationship.

2. He prefers to remedy his actions rather than merely saying sorry

There are individuals who do not believe in writing letters of apology or telling you how sorry they are for hurting your feelings. They might prefer to show you how repentant they are with their actions to remedy the situation. So, you must give him a chance to apologize in the way that he sees fit.

3. He prefers to blame you for the spat

One of the reasons why he may be refusing to apologize could be that he thinks he has done no wrong. You must discern whether he continues to blame you for the spat. In case it has been your mistake, you must graciously accept defeat. But if your partner is blaming you for their own mistakes; it is considered as gaslighting and they may be in denial about their own folly.

You must seek the help and support of your loved ones in such cases and avoid isolating yourself with a partner who prefers to blame you rather than taking responsibility for their behavior.

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