6 ways to tell your husband that s*x is getting boring



S*x can be really exciting, spontaneous and amazing. But it can also get monotonous and boring.

When you are married, the same old, missionary sex can turn into a dull moment. It is quite normal for couples to hit a point where sex is no longer fun or exciting.

You need to amp up your sex life with your husband in order to stay in the game. And communicating this to your husband can be a tad bit difficult.

To help all the confused ladies out there, here are some tips to tell your husband that sex is indeed getting very boring!

1. Wait for the right opportunity

Discussions about your sex life shouldn’t be taken lightly. You should wait for the right opportunity or the right place to bring it up. Don’t just rush into such a discussion.

2. Keep an open mind

Your husband may not be comfortable with attempting different sex positions or may be facing some other problem. And so, you need to keep an open mind about this. Let your husband take his time to get comfortable with the idea of doing different things in bed.

3. Try anticipating your partner’s reaction

Before you go forward with this conversation, think about how your partner might react. Will they get angry, frustrated or be understanding with it all? Anticipating your partner’s reaction is the most logical way to go about this.

4. Carefully thread your words

What you say will have a deep impact on your partner. Hence, you need to be really careful about how you bring this conversation into play. Express your desires and needs in the most comfortable way possible.

5. Ask them what they like

When you are talking about your desires, ask your partner about what they like. Ask them to express their desires too, in addition to yours. When you keep clear communication from both sides, talking about such a sensitive topic becomes easier.

6. It’s okay to be nervous

You are bound to feel nervous about having a talk with your partner. It may be scary but it is a conversation that you both need to have if you want your married, sex life to back on track, which by the way is very necessary for sustaining a marriage.

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