What your zodiac sign says about your style



This month sun is currently transiting the sign of Leo and will be there until August 22.

Although the sun influences your personality, it is your rising sign and Venus that rule your wardrobe.

The rising sign rules your physical appearance and identity, while Venus rules over what you find beautiful.

Trendy sneakers plus leggings, or a crop top paired with a fitted jacket

Aries tend to be athletic, or simply fit without trying. The sign is ruled by Mars which gives these natives a lot of energy. They don’t need things that weigh them down or puts a damper on their go-getter personality. The ensemble makes it easy to step out whenever.

Slip dress and Doc Martens, or velvet bell bottoms and flowy flowery top

Taurus seek comfort over statements. This earth sign seeks cozy and soft clothes. However, the sign is ruled by Venus, so looking good is especially important. Lush, silk, velvet, expensive and fabulous makes the Taurus Venus or rising confident.

Long socks plus shorts, or a baby doll dress paired with a leather jacket

Geminis need a flexible wardrobe and versatile ensembles. Ideas for the ideal outfit change like the wind for this air sign. They crave change, bright and bold colours. Notable Gemini: Kanye West.

They’re style is bold and whimsical. One day they might want to express their inner ‘baddie‘ and the next day they are wearing a costume for Halloween in August.

Ankle-length flowy dress paired with a flower crown, or a plaid skirt and Mary Jane shoes

This sign is about loyalty, nostalgia and sentimentality. They tend to be hoarders and have a hard time letting go of clothes. Their clothes are not just for wear, they mean something to them. Flowy, billowy, overalls, soft leggings, waves in hair, and elegant gowns capture the nurturing spirit of this sign.

Tight red dress with pumps, or matching printed pant-top combo

Theatrical, bold, flashy, glittering, trends. Leos are show-stoppers with their wardrobe. They gravitate toward the invisible spotlight that their fiery sign is known for. Bold colours, animal prints, flashy accessories, Leos pull this off best.

Skinny jeans, an oversized sweater, or a mini skirt with a matching headband

Fashion meets practicality or utility. This earth sign prefers colours that remind them of nature. Cream, light grey, olive green. Rather than bold, their fashion sense is perfectionistic. They are sophisticated, polished, refined, and graceful. Pockets, sweaters and jeans.

Sparkly evening gown, or white pants, a soft off shoulder top and a chic statement bracelet

Complimenting a Libra will make their day. They want to be the most beautiful person in the room. Libra is also ruled by Venus, they keep up with fashion trends. This the sign of partnerships and relationships, so they don’t mind shinning with their BFF. Romantic colours, striking rather than flashy accessories and red-bottom heels.

A little black dress with the perfect leather jacket, or black boots, a big hat

Ask any Scorpio, their favourite colour is usually black. This sign is ruled by Pluto (god of the dark and the underworld) so they are more subdued. They love looking intimidating and mysterious. Other than black, they go for darker colours, bold accessories like metal necklaces, eccentric sunglasses.

Bohemian “Boho” pants and a fitted top, or boyfriend jeans paired with a shirt from their latest adventure

They are the zodiac’s storyteller, so their clothes have a background story from their adventures. They love to travel, read, be free. They can effortlessly pull off flowy skirt, sneakers and a T-shirt. They have unique pieces that make up their cool outfits. Their clothes tell the adventurous life they live.

Maxi dress and a jean jacket, or work pants with a solid T-shirt tucked at the front

Caps prefer quality over quantity in their wardrobe. They rather spend on an expensive durable piece of clothing than spend the same amount on more clothes. They appear well put together. Pearls, an expensive watch, bold lip, are Cap accessories.

Mesh shirt with baggy jeans, or an oversized shirt (XXL) with platform crocs

These are the trendsetters, they abhor looking like everyone. They usually go in the opposite direction from any trend. They are either vintage or futuristic. They are eccentric and people usually pick after their fashion sense.

Overalls, bandana in your hair, or soft jacket plus ripped jeans

They have a defined personality but love breaking free to express each and every aspect of it. They are the kind to have an outfit for every mood. One time they want colour, cozy, sweaters, another week they are rocking black and leather.

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