“I wish him well” – Berita to her husband, Nota




Berita seems not to be ready to troll her husband, Nota.

Earlier this morning, Nota Baloyi took to his Twitter to call her out.

He went as far as accusing her of financial and emotional abuse and many other things saying she is also narcissistic.

“It’s tough being a man… I spoke about MY gaslighting, financial, emotional & narcissistic abuse at the hands of @beritaafrosoul but nobody batted an eye-lid because she’s a woman & we live in a world where black men seemingly deserve to be raped & abused!”

Well, taking Twitter on Thursday, Berita was replying to a tweet from a follower who told the star she should soon start trash-talking her ex-husband, a route her ex-husband took on Wednesday when he went on a rampage and called his ex-wife names.

“Waiting for the day you start trash-talking him when he finally pulls himself together, which he eventually will,” tweeted the follower.

“Tbh [to be honest] I don’t think like that. I wish him well. I wish he can be content and happy within himself,” she replied.

See tweet below:

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