5 maid of honor duties you should be aware of for your bestie’s wedding



There is nothing quite alike to the honor of being asked to be a bridesmaid!

If your bestie is soon going to tie the knots and you are the Maid of honor, then you are surely thrilled and delighted with excitement and happiness to celebrate the ceremony in full swing in the best possible way.

With all the chaos of deciding, planning, and executing, you have to ensure that your dear friend is getting all the emotional support and love from your side as she embarks upon a new journey in her life.

Right after you accept the position of a bridesmaid, there comes a long list of responsibilities and it is your duty to plan a splendid ceremony for your bosom buddy.

And if you are not aware of the duties that come with the label of Maid of honor, then you have stumbled upon the right place.

Here is an ultimate list of 5 maid of honor duties that you should be aware of for your bestie’s wedding:

1. Loan a helping ear to the bride

While you are mostly involved in a shopping spree, building a theme, and planning in throwing a superb bachelorette for your best friend, don’t forget to ask her how is she feeling. With helping in sorting the chores, lend your ears to your bestie and if she is all furious and jittery because of this big change, then be present with her and support her emotionally. Tackle all her questions with confidence and ensure that you are always going to be there, no matter what!

2. Be her shopping partner and try to cool off any tensed family moments

While the family and relatives pin her with the dress’s recommendations, marriage bits of advice, and other overwhelming situations, make sure that you stand right beside her and fetch her out from any kind of unpleasant mood. Deal with all the shopping hassles and help her in easing the long trial process.

3. Assist in pre-wedding bridal parties

Being a bridesmaid, you must celebrate the last bachelorhood of your bestie in a whole lotta fun flair and glamorous way. Become the central person of discussion and finalize every detail of the bachelorette party without waiting for anyone. Pick out a theme and let her bid adieu to her bachelorship in style, of course with her girlfriends.

4. Pamper the bride

Being a maid of honor means being a personal all-time therapist, an assistant, a bride sitter, and the prime person who knows each and everything about the bride. Make sure that you pamper her with everything she likes, take care of her meals, her makeup, and her pre-wedding salon sessions while ensuring that she is having fun in every ceremony instead of just being occupied in the rituals.

5. Keep the bride calm

With this big fat ceremony and big change, it’s obvious that the bride will undergo stress and pre-wedding blues but it is your responsibility, that you keep her mood happy and playful while ensuring that the guests are enjoying it to its fullest. Play some music, tell a funny story, make her tune on her favorite music and plan some activities to keep the crew happy and laughing!

Don’t forget to sob with her in her emotional time but always weep her tears! Bridesmaid duties are quite overwhelming but when you see her having fun, it will all be worth it.

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