DJ Sbu’s “unclean” look causes a stir again


DJ Sbu has raised a huge concern in the mind of South Africans after a photo of him looking unkept went viral.

This is the second time in the year that fans and people are being bothered about the DJ’s health.

The first time it occurred, Sbu’s hair and beards looked rough in the photo, and his face wasn’t welcoming.

On Friday, another video and photo surfaced on social media with DJ Sbu’s beards looking more full and some persons are still not pleased with his look.

Check out the photo and video with people’s reactions below:

DJ Sbu used to be so clean. I’m really disappointed. People, check up on your loved ones,” a tweep wrote.

Dj Sbu has never conformed to the norms that are bestowed upon us by the society. He has always taken paths less traveled. So why does his latest look come as a surprise to you all?? The idea of how a celebrity should look is a form of social constraint,” another Twitter user said.

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