How to respond to these 5 tricky work situations



In a working environment, there are many scenarios where one wrong word or action can put us in a soup.

So, to avoid them, here are some tricky situations and how you can respond to them without ruining your own reputation.

1. Someone takes credit for your work

This is a rather common scenario when the head of the department takes credit for the work their employee has done. What you must do in such a situation is that you say “Thanks for spotlighting my point”. If you say so with composure, you can reclaim your idea without being rude. It also gives you the upper hand when you address a superior with the same matter. Lastly, the ownership is yours, but, give more detailed information or clarification on the same.

2. Being asked to stay late just when you are leaving

Many seniors sometimes ask their employees to stay back until late for a personal obligation especially when you are about to leave. In such a situation, you can politely say that you have another commitment. It should come out as a respectable request for confidentiality and establishes boundaries.

3. A trusted colleague snaps at you

This situation can be tricky as you cannot snap back because that can lead to an argument in the office. You can keep your peace and stay quiet if this colleague is dear to you or too worked up and then address it later.

4. When NO is what you have to say

There are situations when you have to say NO but it has to come out right without being rude. In this scenario, to save your reputation, you can reframe the idea being suggested and say you will work on it with someone… Just be diplomatic and do not just reject the request.

5. Escalating a serious issue

Do not promise anything to anyone that you will speak to the head just say we should take this further. Say it in a matter of fact tone and be very calm. This comes in handy if it does not concern you. In case you are involved in the issue and are on the receiving end, don ‘t react in that very situation. Sit and think calmly as to how this will play out. Approach a senior who will not take it lightly and stick to mails marking the people concerned. A verbal discussion may die down or it may spread rumours. Mails will keep you safe as that can be your proof.