8 secrets of men that women can never figure out



Men can be really secretive at times. They do not like to tell their partner everything and prefer to remain mysterious sometimes.

It’s their way of having fun. Men love it when their partner tries to figure their secrets out.

For all those ladies who are trying to figure out some burning questions about their partner, here are some common secrets that men keep to themselves!

1. Men love sex! But they don’t like anything that is monotonous. So ladies, if you are constantly opting for missionary sex, then your man isn’t going to love it. Look for role-play options, different sex positions etc. to amp up the temperature in the room.

2. Men will stop being romantic when they lose interest in a woman. So if you have been constantly fighting with your man over some petty issues and wondering why your man hasn’t been romantic, then here’s your answer.

3. Men don’t like to watch romantic comedies. They hardly watch sappy stories which are all about tears, sad stories and predictable endings. They simply watch it for the sex.

4. Men hate it when you put your cold hands and feet on them to warm yourself. They become really mad when you treat them as your personal heaters.

5. A man has no problem lying when they really want to get something. If they are eager to please someone, they will start saying all sorts of good things about you.

6. Men hate it when you dump all your expectations on them because they have a lot to handle throughout the day. They may be all in to handle your needs but if forced upon, men might slowly drift apart from you.

7. Men might be lying if they are saying that they fell in love with your smile the day they saw you. Very few men actually mean what they say. Others are just trying to charm you for their own benefit.

8. Men also tend to find their partner’s sister or best friend attractive at times but they dare not say it to their woman’s face because they will face the scorn and wrath of it all!

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