Musa Khawula accuses Mihlali Ndamase of being a “home wrecker”




Controversial blogger, Musa Khawula has left the internet divided after he started a petition to have companies and brands drop Mihlali Ndamase.

This all started after the influencer was accused of “stealing” boyfriend Leeroy Sidambe from his estranged wife Mary-Jane Sidambe.

However, many tweeps stated Musa’s words “personal”, and some are even petitioning for him to end his petition!

In the petition that started over the weekend. Musa said companies like Coca-Cola should cut ties with Mihlali because she is a home wrecker.

He also calls on corporate companies to cut ties with the beauty blogger.

Musa shared: “It is shameful that big brands like Coca-Cola continue to work and associated themselves with Mihlali Ndamase after we have seen on social media that she is actively involved in wrecking a home by dating a married man”.

He went on to accuse Mihlali of publicly embarrassing Mary-Jane Sidambe after a clip emerged of the two in the same room.

Mihlali Ndamase continues and takes pride in her action and continues to torment Mary-Jane. Is the message that she is spreading with her influence?”.


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