9 texting habits of a guy who likes you



As much as emojis help you decode someone’s texts, the tone doesn’t always come through as intended when it comes to their words.

It can leave you scratching your head when you can’t determine if your crush is flirting or just friendly.

If you need a few tips, here are the texting habits of a guy who likes you to make things easier.

1. He makes it clear he’d rather to you in person

While texting is fun, if a guy likes you, he’ll want to take things to the next step. So, he’ll make comments about how he wishes you were with him or suggest meeting up face to face or even having a phone call.

2. He respond quickly

Unless he’s still playing games, he isn’t going to wait for certain lengths of time before replying, so he doesn’t seem too into you. A mature guy who likes you will make sure to text you back pretty soon.

3. He keeps the conversation going

If there’s a lull in the conversation, he’ll find a way to keep it going because he likes you.

4. He gives thoughtful responses

Even if he’s shy, the texting habits of a guy who likes you will not be lacking. He’s not going to reply with one-word answers or emojis; he responds with fully thought-out answers.

5. He shares things he thinks you’ll like

You might not have been speaking that day, but he’ll send you something like a meme or the link to a podcast episode because it reminded him of you or he thought you would like it.

6. He communicates

He’s not going to be able to speak to you all day every day, but he won’t leave you hanging. If you’re having a conversation, but he needs to do something, he’ll let you know so you don’t think he’s ignoring you. And he’ll be sure to reply to you later.

7. He’s flirty

Unlike speaking to a friend, the texting habits of a guy who likes you are playful and flirty. He’ll find ways to compliment you, make you laugh, and will use emojis your friends typically wouldn’t – like the winking face emoji or heart eyes.

8. He remembers things you told him

He actually reads what you text him and will ask you follow-up questions the next time you speak. Maybe you casually mentioned you had a bad day at work; the next day, he’ll ask if your day was better.

9. He initiates the conversations

A guy who likes you will often reach out and initiate a conversation because he can’t wait to speak to you.