Nota reveals when his reality show will premiere






Nota has taken to his Twitter to reveal his plans to premier his show.

The star has been trending for the wrong reasons over the past few weeks.

However, he has revealed that he has more in box for his fans.

his came after one of his followers asked if he was filming a TV reality show because it was necessary. “NOTA Reveals When His Own TV Reality Show Will Premiere,” read the tweet.

Nota responded by saying that the TV reality show he is working on is currently on hold, but he hopes to have it available by the end of next year.

He also made it clear that his show will only be available on YouTube because he is not going to sell his soul to DSTV.

“It’s on hold while my wife finds herself but hopefully towards the end of next year… It’ll be on YouTube though, not going to sell my soul to the DSTV illuminate!NOTA responded.

See tweet below:

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