5 signs your Taurus man is in love with you



Feeling the chemistry with your Taurus man, but he still acts strange and refuses to commit to love? He is perhaps protecting his heart from breaking.

They are stubborn but very committed and loyal. They may be ambitious but they are trustworthy and dependable.

There are many facets of a Taurus man which unfold with time. If you are interested in or seeing a Taurus man then here are some signs that will help you know whether he loves you or not.

1. He invests time in you

He won’t show his love with grand gestures but he will make his schedules according to your time table so that he can give you time. He will make plans to be with you, integrate his life with yours and not miss any opportunity to be with you.

2. He will open up to you

A Taurus man is in love with you if he has opened up to you and shared some very private details of his life. He will bring up the future with you and be that stable man that you longed for in your life.

3. He will be interested in your day & life

When a man is in love, he takes interest in knowing you and your life, and your Taurus man is no different. He will ask you questions about your past, your childhood, what makes you, you! He will observe you and be very attentive towards you.

4. He will take practical care of you

By practical care, we mean your lifestyle, making you save money for yourself in SIPs, mutuals PPF etc. Anything that he feels will make you be more secure about yourself, he will get into that space. Even the gifts he gets you will be for practical usage.

5. He will show physical affection

If he is in love with you, he will be physically affectionate with you in many ways. He will be a sensuous man, and his flirting style will be a bit more direct. He will take pleasure in giving you pleasure if you allow it. Massages, seeing your hand, pushing back your hair strands, all these things will come into play and you will not mind it, he can be that smooth.

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