5 ways to deal with your husband’s side chick



Sidechick” is the word that sends shivers down the spine of some married women during a conversation about their husbands.

A side chick is a mistress or a woman a man secretly dates in addition to his girlfriend or wife.

No woman loves or enjoys being told that her husband has a mistress. Neither does she pray to walk in on her husband in bed with another woman.

Should you ever find out that your husband has a mistress, rather than engage in a physical confrontation, here are five other unconventional ways to deal with the issue.

1. Do your research

Before you decide to attack your husband’s side chick or start ranting about the situation, do some research.

Find out facts about the side chick like her name, relationship status, and, if you can, how she and your husband met.

The research provides better insight into the situation. For example, While you might think she is the side chick, from her point of view, it’s not the case as your husband might have secretly married her.

Don’t jump to conclusions; instead, take time to reflect and investigate.

2. Never confront her

I don’t know who needs to hear this, but when it comes to infidelity in your marriage, you have no issue with the side chick; all your anger should be directed at your husband.

Some married women have the habit of visiting their husbands’ side chicks’ houses to physically and verbally abuse them. Avoid taking this route by dismissing the idea of confronting your side chick.

Remember that she is a third party, not part of the legal union.

3. Speak to your husband

In situations like this, communication is critical. Don’t allow your emotions to get the best of you, causing you to grab your bags and leave.

After hearing about his infidelity, take time to get yourself together before approaching him.

As expected, he will deny it at first but keep pressing on the issue and provide evidence to back up your claim. If he later admits to the act, calmly ask him why he did it.

4. Seek marriage counselling

Now, if you notice that despite his infidelity, you still love him and hope to continue the marriage, you should see a good marriage counsellor.

Speak to him about this idea, and ensure he is on board before contacting a counsellor. During your sessions, open up to the counsellor about your feelings. Discuss how his infidelity affected you and the current position it has kept you both in.

The best way for this healing process to work is to keep an open mind and listen to what the counsellor and husband have to say. This is assuming you attend the counselling sessions with your husband.

5. Make a decision

Every way has led up to this final moment. After speaking to your husband and seeing a marriage counsellor, it’s now time for you to decide if you are going to attempt to work on the marriage or pack your bags and leave.

While there might be no perfect answer on what you should do, remember to do what would make you happy and mentally/emotionally stable.

Bonus tip: For your safety, kindly endeavour to visit a medical centre to know if you have contacted any STDs’ or STIs due to your husband’s infidelity. Your mental health matters too, so guard her heart jealously.

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