6 tips and tricks to buying and storing potatoes



Potatoes are one of the most commonly purchased vegetables.

While many of us think that buying potatoes is not an art, the myth was recently busted.

Below are smart tips and tricks for buying and storing the king of vegetables. Scroll down to learn about them.

​1. Make sure they are firm

While buying potatoes, avoid picking those pieces which are not firm. Those with a softer texture are often prone to rotting, so avoid these pieces.

2. Avoid sprouted potatoes

According to the National Capital Poison Center (an organization accredited by the American Association of Poison Control Centers), it is advisable to discard potatoes that have sprouted. As per studies, when potatoes sprout, their glycoalkaloid content begins to rise and excessive consumption of this compound is not good for the human body.

3. ​Avoid potatoes with green spots

Avoid buying potatoes with green spots. The National Capital Poison Center has also warned to avoid consuming potatoes with green spots.

4. Packaged potatoes are not healthy

If potatoes are packaged in a plastic bag, avoid buying such potatoes too, as there are chances they might have accumulated moisture and such potatoes might turn bad easily.

5. Avoid washing before storing

If you have a habit of washing potatoes before storing them, discontinue the habit. Washing leads to an increase in levels of moisture and potatoes might turn rotten soon. Always wash them right before cooking/consumption.

6. Store them in an open basket

Never store potatoes in closed baskets or poly bags. Ensure that they have a free flow of air. Also, keep them in a dry place to increase their shelf life.

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