7 basic table etiquettes no one told you about



Heading out for a dinner date or a professional dinner? Have you ever felt nervous and worried about your table etiquettes?

Eating together has been a quintessential part of our culture and so is following the right table etiquettes.

Since ages table etiquettes have been shaped to make the experience of eating together pleasant and there’s no denying that table manners have constantly evolved over the years, and your table etiquette often decides your first and last impression.

Well, here are some simple table etiquettes that no one told you about! Read on…

1. ​Eating with mouth wide open

Eating calmly and chewing the food with a closed mouth is the first rule of dining out. Chewing needs effort, but opening the mouth while chewing certainly ruins the experience for other people.

​2. Finish the meal

When you finish the meal, always ensure that you place the cutlery either at the center of the plate or on the sides of the plate or just keep them crossed. Inform the waiter and wait.

3. ​Don’t pick cutlery

If your spoon or fork slides off the table don’t pick it up and rather request for a replacement. In fact, the same rule applies for the napkin, you can request for a new one but don’t use the same one.

4. Do not place your elbow

We all have a habit of resting our elbows for a comfortable dining experience, but you will be amazed to know that this is believed to be a bad table etiquette. However, if the table is empty and there’s no food served you may keep your hands or elbows. But it is best to avoid.

5. ​Follow the pace

Every individual eats at his or her own pace, but when you are dining with someone make sure to slow down and catch up with the pace of fellow dinners.

6. The outside to inside

Have You ever been confused about the placement of cutlery? Well, the easiest way to decode the use of cutlery is to go from outside to inside, which means you begin your meal with the cutlery placed outside first and gradually you use the rest of the cutlery depending on the meal served.

7. Place a napkin

Eating is all about good conversation and experience, but there are times when while eating the food slides off from the fork or the fork slips off from the hand, and most of the time these things end up ruining our clothes. Thus, the essential rule of dining out is to spread the napkin and then begin your dinner.