Why dating in your 30s is much better than in your 20s



Like a fine wine, dating gets sweeter with age. If you’re still trying to settle and find the right one for you in your 20s, it’s nothing to stress over.

Your 30s are coming and it’s something you should look forward to. In this decade, you’re more enlightened, mature, and self-aware and these and more make the dating life more exciting than it was in the previous decade.

Check out some of our top reasons why dating in your 30s is a much more fulfilling and less frustrating experience.

1. You can’t stand BS

In your 30s, you know your worth and you won’t just let anyone mess up with the work you’ve put in to become who you are. The moment you notice that someone is gaslighting you or exhibiting narcissistic behavior, you drop them like a hot potato and move on ASAP.

2. You know what you want

In your 20s, you most likely are still figuring out what you want to do with your life and the kind of person you’d like to date. On the other hand, dating in your 30s is much more peaceful and less chaotic because you’re crystal clear about your intentions from the word go. You know the things you can tolerate in a partner and those that you can’t.

3. You can smell red flags from miles away

Chances are that in your 20s, you ignored red flags that cost you big time. Or, you didn’t even know how to spot red flags. However, when you’re dating in your 30s, you’re wiser, knowledgeable, and can quickly spot red flags. Because of this, you’re less prone to being caught up in messy and toxic relationships.

4. You’ve learned from your mistake

Ever looked back and wondered how silly you must have been to make some mistakes when you were younger? Well, by the time you hit 30, you’ve probably learned your fair share of valuable lessons. While dating in your 30s, you’ll be more cautious not to repeat the very mistakes you made in your 20s.

5. You don’t settle for less

In your 20s, you tend to settle for anyone who shows interest in you or at least decide to give them a try even though you know it’s doomed. But in your 30s, no matter how sweet someone sounds, if you feel they aren’t a good match, you let them go and continue with the search.

6. You’re not afraid to be alone

Do you remember dating someone just because everyone in your circle was dating and didn’t want to miss out? That doesn’t happen in your 30s. In fact, in your 30s, you value “me time” and might cringe a little at the thought of having someone disrupt that precious moment even if it’s someone you’re dating that you really like. You’d rather be single than be in a relationship that sucks.

7. You handle breakups better

Even with all the wisdom you gathered in your 20s, sometimes breakups and heartbreaks are inevitable. But unlike in your 20s when you cried over a guy for months and almost fell into depression, you can handle pain in a better way when dating in your 30s. As soon as you break up with someone, you take some time to heal and move on confidently.

8. You don’t wait for someone to change

In your 30s, you already know that you can’t change anyone — they have to really want to change. It’s either you can stand their behavior, or you can’t. From the start, you have a list of the traits you’re looking for and those you are willing to tolerate.

9. Your happiness comes first

To hell with sacrificing your happiness for others! It’s in your 30s that you realize that you’ve had to be sad for others to be happy for too long. At this age, if a partner is a killjoy, you let them go without a blink of an eye.

10. You value your mental health

You already cried enough in your 20s over someone who didn’t give a hoot about your mental wellness. There’s no way you’ll have a repeat of the same in your 30s. When dating in your 30s, you guard your mental health with all might and cut off any possible threats.

11. You’re much more intentional

Dating in your 30s is much better than it was in your 20s because you’re self-aware and are intentional about most things. You just don’t get in a relationship without first determining the purpose and direction of the relationship. And because you’re intentional, you aren’t afraid of asking difficult questions. What are we? What’s the goal of our relationship? There’s no more assuming that you share a purpose with the person you’re dating.

12. You handle conflicts better

Conflicts are part of every relationship, but it’s easier to handle them in your 30s. When angry, you know what to do and what not to do. You’re okay taking some time to calm down before dealing with the issue at hand.

13. You make firm decisions

Dating in your 30s is sweeter and more peaceful because you know how to make firm decisions and stand by them. Not even peer pressure will bring you down when you set out to do something. In your 20s, your friends could easily tell you to avoid a guy you’re seeing because he isn’t good-looking and you could easily fall for it. But in your 30s, you decide what you want knowing too well that it’s your life to build or break.

14. You communicate your needs boldly

In your 20s, expressing yourself isn’t always easy. Sometimes you have to keep quiet to avoid a conflict or to soothe someone’s ego. But in your 30s, you speak your mind boldly and respectfully.

15. You do you

The best thing about dating in your 30s is that you don’t have to fake who you’re to be loved. At this age, you’re okay being who you are and it’s for the world to adjust. If someone doesn’t like you because of your body shape, skin color, or some other superficial aspects, that’s a non-issue.

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