6 reasons why top employees leave their job



Has it ever struck you why the most efficient employee in your team has suddenly quit?

It is very alarming since high performers do not usually have the tendency to leave a job abruptly unless they have been facing some serious issue.

There can be some underlying reasons why high-performing employees decide to leave their jobs.

Let’s take a look at some of the major reasons why such people quit.

1. Really bad bosses

Nobody wants to work under a difficult and disrespectful boss. One looks up to a leader for motivation and guidance, but if a boss is toxic, drains out the energy from their employees and makes them loathe their job, it is quite plausible why high performers would quit without a second thought.

2. Low bonuses

A salary may remain fixed but a bonus always comes in handy when employees efficiently work and expect some kind of ROI. Bonuses are a great way for employees to feel valued and a part of the company. However, when bonuses are messed with, and the employee ends up getting a low bonus, they look for ways to quit their current workplace.

3. Poor management practices

When a company’s management is really poor, highly efficient employees do not hesitate to leave the company for a better one. A company should be efficient in providing its employees with a proper system so that they can have a calm piece of mind and a sense of security while working.

4. Lack of growth

An employee wants to work in an environment where they have the space and opportunity to grow. Moreover, a high performer will only look for ways to improve themselves even more so they wouldn’t want to remain in a job that doesn’t cater to their growth opportunities.

5. Lack of consideration towards clients and businesses

An efficient employee will look for solutions to problems, instead of simply ignoring them. Surprisingly, many people tend to overlook the problems the client presents. They simply look over just for the sake of it. Such poor address of issues can be a major cause of employee turnover.

6. Toxic work culture

A toxic work culture can be really detrimental to an employee’s mental health. All an employee should care and focus about is their work; they shouldn’t have to worry about getting sucked into a negative, toxic and burnt-out work culture. And this is a big reason why top employees may leave their workplace.

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