How to stay sane while comforting others



Difficult days are a part of life and what a joy it is to be that person who spreads cheer and motivates others to get out of their funk. Imagine having the power to turn negative emotions into positive ones.

This doesn’t mean flooding people with suggestions. You must first find out what kind of support they need. Sometimes people just want to vent, be distracted, or be left alone to go through what they are facing at that particular moment.

Remember everyone is different. What may work for Mary won’t work for Jane.

If your partner or colleague loves words of affirmations, a simple sticky note on the fridge, bedside, or work desk with a sweet message could be the pick-me-up they literally needed to refocus their pain.

For a friend, you don’t get to see often, find a reason for the two of you to spend some quality time together. You don’t have to talk. You can plan a weekend getaway or a movie night and just be present.

Sometimes when you’re feeling down what you need is the company of someone you care about. Allow them to pick what they want to watch and go with the flow. Being next to them helps them feel less alone.

Alternatively, you can think outside the proverbial box and try something new. A new experience for both of you will lift their spirits and what great memories you will make together! But before you plan that gruelling excursion finds out if they are comfortable with the idea. Perhaps they don’t want to go out of their comfort zone just yet.

Surprising someone with their favourite food is also a great way to break into their psyche. There is a reason we all turn to comfort foods, so share it with them and you will notice an instant improvement in their mood.

It also gives you an opportunity to sit down and chat as you eat. And if you can’t be there for them physically, send them a Bible or Koran verse, a meme, or an uplifting video. It will go a long way.

Once they start opening up, be a good listener and allow them to talk without interruptions.