Why ponytail is the best hairstyle for women



When it comes to what to do with your hair, an evergreen hairstyle is the ponytail.

It is simply packing your hair by the centre. The only requirement for this hairstyle is that your hair is long enough to be packed up. The word ponytail comes from the tail of a horse which is usually how the hair looks.

No matter the texture of your hair, whether it is natural or relaxed, you can pack it into a ponytail. You might need gel or eco styler for natural hair, but it is always a great look on any hair type or texture.
2. It can be packed in a bun, doughnut or ponytail
This hairstyle is quite versatile. If you want, you can make it into a doughnut or a bun or let it fall if your hair is long enough.
3. You can add extensions or braids to your ponytail
The tail of your pony can be longer – get it? You can add a braided extension, curly weave or straight weave. If you think a sleek back ponytail is boring, then it’s okay to plait some parts of your hair before packing it up.
4. It fits every facial structure

Whether your face is oval, rounded, square or cheeky, a ponytail will automatically look great on you. If you don’t have good edges, there’s nothing a little edge control can’t fix.

It’s a quite hack to looking good on a budget. You don’t spend much and you can do it yourself at home.

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