5 signs your relationship is harming your mental health



Do you feel like you’ve been walking on eggshells around your partner? Does your SO lash out at you for the smallest reasons? Do you feel trapped after every fight or argument?

If the answers to the above questions are yes, we hate to break it to you that your current relationship is doing you more harm than any good.

Every couple has its ups and downs but feeling miserable all the time isn’t a sign of a happy relationship and a toxic partner can seriously affect your mental well-being.

Confused? Here are a few signs that your so-called better half may be harming your mental health.

1. You’re feeling depressed

Studies have found association between lower-quality relationships and symptoms of depression. Researchers say people in toxic or abusive relationships are more likely to feel depressed. At worst, it can also lead to suicidal thoughts.

2. You’re not doing well physically

You mental and physical health are connected. Researchers also say relationships have direct influences on cardiovascular, endocrine, immune, neurosensory, and other physiological mechanisms. An unhealthy relationship can cause anxiety or depression, as well headaches, insomnia, or muscle pain.

3. You’re indulging in unhealthy habits

While trying to distract yourself from thinking about your relationship, you may end up doing many unhealthy habits like obsessive hair-picking, binge-watching, oversleeping, etc.

4. You’re feeling low about yourself

If you have started feeling low about yourself and less interesting, your partner may be blamed for lowering your self-esteem. When a close person makes you feel inferior, you may start to believe you are.

5. You feel relieved when he leaves

You eagerly wait for your partner to leave your place, and just the thought of it excites you. This feeling of relief shows that your partner is causing you stress.

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