Khaya Dladla writes touching birthday note to his late dad


Khaya Dladla writes a touching note to his late dad.

The South African actor shared the reasons his father is an icon; he said his father was highly supportive of his dreams.

“Today I celebrate the hero who taught me how life actually works, a man who embraced me as I was, trust me when I say raising me was not easy. I dreamt too big sometimes and he would laugh but when I dreamt bellow my capabilities, he would make me see my shortcomings,” he wrote.

“He made sure I was fed, well sheltered, and well educated. And also funded my “hobby” by making sure I was at every dance, music and acting class (with hopes my hobby would die as I got older) I never missed a rehearsal because E-hailing services were available then, he would have requested an uber because wow my schedule with mess would his, but I never realized how lucky I was then.”

I did it dad, I have done everything I promised I would do. For the longest time I saw your tough love as hectic,l and sometimes I would throw the homophobic card now and then.


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