Zonke cancels gigs due to sudden illness




Zonke recently took to her social media to publicly apologize to her fans and followers after she canceled a recent gig due to a sudden illness.

The star regretfully withdrew from the DRESS UP NIGHT Experience which got her down.

Zonke was billed to perform at the DRESS UP NIGHT Experience promoted by the Brothers Events Corporation at the Middleburg Banquet Hall in Mpumalanga this Saturday, 27 August, however, the songstress suddenly fell ill with an unavoidable case of bronchitis, which is a vocally detrimental condition for vocal artists.

Taking to her Instagram, the singer says that she hates disappointing her fans.

‘Above everything, I hate disappointing people, especially my supporters, fans, and promoters who have shown me nothing but love throughout my music career. If it was all in my power, I would absolutely make sure that I deliver on my promise and give them an experience they’ve come to expect from me.

“I take my career very seriously. I respect my profession and the industry in which I operate; especially the people who always spend their hard-earned money to support the events in which I’m booked. As much as it pains me to disappoint them, but I must equally respect and preserve the instrument they’ve all come to love, to give them more magical musical years in the near future.”

Zonke sincerely apologizes to those who’ve already purchased tickets, but sincerely hopes that they’d find comfort in the talents and music of her colleagues in the industry who’ve also been booked to perform at the DRESS UP.

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