How social media is changing you



Social media is neutral evil or chaotic good, depending on how you use it.

More than half the world uses social media. According to Statista, “currently, the global social network penetration rate is nearly 54 per cent. Western Europe had a 79 per cent social media penetration rate, topping the ranking of global social media usage by region.”

How does the social media change you?

Have you ever watched a video many times to the point that you assimilated a catchphrase from it and made it part of your vocabulary?

There are some things we would have never thought of if we didn’t see them on Instagram or Facebook.

Have you ever gone to a restaurant because you kept seeing it online and wanted to go there yourself?

Things like travelling to Dubai and Maldives are so popular right now. Clothes, shoes, bags, cars and other trends gain popularity because we keep seeing them over and over again online and we don’t want to miss out.

There is a collective consciousness created by the internet that is like local communities that existed long ago.

There is a need to jump on trends. One person does something, and now millions of people follow suit.

What’s the use of this collective thought? It’s not just for jokes, but sometimes the internet bandwagon has succeeded in cancelling people or seeing to injustice.

With billions of people on different social networks, the world is becoming a smaller community.

There isn’t a day that goes by without people using the internet, and the more information they absorb, the more they change what they think or believe, albeit subconsciously.

Moving from one app to another, and replying many messages at the same time isn’t good for your mental health. Using the internet makes it difficult for us to focus our attention on one thing for a long time and makes us easily distracted.

Constant social media use can also cause depression, anxiety and leads to further isolate yourself.

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