Gugu Khathi slams divorce rumours – “We are still happy”




Gugu Khathi has slammed rumours of divorce.

There have been rumours that the star and her husband, DJ Tira are getting a divorce.

This is after rumours started circulating of infidelity. The couple, who dated for 18 years, have been married for nearly a decade.

Responding, Gugu says she and Tira are ‘happily in love”

Gugu set the record straight with TshisaLIVE, saying while she thinks having arrived late at the Samas on Sunday could have stirred the pot, she and her husband were still going strong.

“We are still fine, we are still happy. I don’t know where they’d get that from. Maybe it was because I was late for the Samas. There is nothing there. I don’t think we have issues that could be putting us in a situation where we’re even considering [divorce]. So, no. I don’t know what they thought they saw, but I bet it was because I was late at the Samas and someone spotted something.”

They are in their Johannesburg home together after hosting some of Mzansi’s A-listers for the Samas after party.

Gugu also clarified that because they have a home in Durban and another in Johannesburg, they have always stayed apart, but kept the spark in their relationship alive.

“We are still very much happy in love and happily married. We’ve never stayed in the same house. I stay in Joburg, he stays in Durban and it’s always been like that. He comes to Joburg to our home where our kids are because I work in Joburg full time … we’ve always had a home in Joburg and we’ve always had homes in Durban, so nothing has changed,”

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