September is suicide prevention month, here are facts and helpful tips



Times are hard but suicide isn’t the solution.

September is suicide prevention month (in the US). We are living in very difficult times around the world -economically and socially – it’s easy to fall into depression and consider suicide, that’s why it’s important to shine the light on suicide.

Suicide is the 10th biggest cause of death in the world every year. Can you imagine? People kill themselves more than some diseases kill them.

Over 800,000 people die of suicide every year, that’s close to a million.

The most common reason for suicide is hopelessness, isolation and feeling like a burden. This is why having friends and family around you and help from such people is so important.

Many people are scared to talk about their suicidal thoughts and feelings for fear of being labelled crazy or mad.

Strengthening social bonds, having a tight-knit circle of friends or being around loving family members can reduce the chances of suicide.

In some cases, access to better economic and social opportunities can reduce the incidence of suicide

Having access to psychotherapy. Therapy is such an important tool in combating mental illness and suicidal thoughts.

Being free to share your mind and burden with family and friends. Sometimes, a listening ear and loving arms can save a person from suicide.

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