How to boost s*x life in your 30s



Sex life should be great not just in your prime 20s but throughout your lifetime. It is all about how you treat yourself that decides the fate of your sex life.

If you are confident and have an open mind, there is nothing to worry about. However, by the time people hit 30, their sex life starts bothering them due to the changes in the body.

So, to boost your sex life in your 30s, here are some tips that you must keep in mind and practice daily.

1. Own your sexual desires

To be able to have great sex in your 30s, you have to be confident of your own sexual desires. Own them! You like something in a particular way, go for it! Do not feel guilty of liking dirty sex because the truth is that most people irrespective of gender like it dirty. It is just that some own it and others are two-faced. Once you do, you feel very confident and your attitude itself gives a great boost to your sex life.

2. Experiment

In the 20s you explore but many people start settling for some fixed ways of how they like sex. However, it is in your 30s when you should be experimenting even more because the feel of certain positions and experiments will be of a different level. Try the sex toys that you can afford now because now you earn more and have become a bit more daring to order and try. Our hormones fluctuate and that must be considered too, so experiment accordingly.

3. Lube

If sex life has slowed down and there is not enough lubrication, then soothe the vaginal discomfort with a lube. This is specifically a scenario for women who have given birth. The vagina goes through a lot during those 9 months and childbirth. The elasticity and vagina walls, both thin and become loose and there is a lot of dryness. So for good sex, try the number of water based lubricants available in the market today. Don’t avoid sex just because you are facing these issues.

4. Pelvic floor workout

Exercise becomes very necessary when it comes to strengthening your body. Go for pelvic floor muscles as that makes your pelvic muscles stronger. It means better sex and no more urinary incontinence.

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