8 possible reasons your boyfriend is acting distant



There are lots of reasons why people might be moody or stand-offish, and it’s usually nothing personal.

However, if you’ve noticed that your boyfriend is being distant and you have no idea what’s going on in his head and don’t know how to cope, read on.

Chances are, your relationship will be just fine. Why your boyfriend is being distant? Here are the possible reasons..

1. He need space

He might just want to take some time and space for himself. Usually, we don’t want space from anything in particular but more in general. Things often come up at work and get us stressed, and that has an effect on our home life. That trickle-down effect can be seen across a range of scenarios and most of the time it doesn’t have anything to do with you. Let him take his space and take some yourself.

2. Work is stressing him out

We all know how important what we do is to our sense of identity. We also tend to compare ourselves to the people around us, so when work gets stressful or when we see other people getting promotions or moving on, it can pile the pressure on. We have our own goals and career aspirations, and sometimes you don’t want to put that weight on the relationship. If your boyfriend is being distant, maybe he needs to for his mental health. If he feels better just hanging out with friends or trying to formulate an action plan, respect that. Don’t presume that you know better; he’s an adult and knows what he needs.

4. Maybe he is having second thoughts

Your relationship will be very important to him, and you’ll always represent a valuable moment in time. However, as seasons change, work changes and life happens, and it’s also okay to touch base and realize that the relationship isn’t serving you like it used to. Don’t panic, this isn’t always the case. But remember that it takes two people to be in a relationship. If you notice some distance, ask what’s up, but be prepared to respect the outcome either way. It’s possible that your boyfriend is being distant because he’s done with the relationship.

5. He’s just had a bad week

Context is key. Sometimes it’s just been “one of those weeks” and you need to accept that. Let him sit with his feelings and stew. He’ll come to you when he’s ready; trust that. Plus, when he’s not having a great week, chances are you’re feeling similarly, so you’re not the best person for him during that period anyway. If he’s a little distant, it’s probably to save you both having a silly fight that you don’t mean.

6. He needs to prioritize friends

It could be that your boyfriend isn’t being distant at all but rather focusing his energy elsewhere. Another really important fact is he needs to spend time with other people. Neither of you should be putting all your eggs in one basket. It’s far healthier to have regular, meaningful check-ins with friends and family members so that you’re both enriched. It means that you have valuable chats with your partner after spending time apart rather than running out of things to say. It’s all about prioritizing quality time rather than constantly being together. Don’t be afraid of distance.

7. He’s planning something

This is the opposite of him second-guessing his relationship. If your boyfriend is being distant, it’s possible that he’s planning a surprise for you. Maybe it’s a weekend away, maybe it’s saving up for an engagement ring; who knows? Keep your mind open to change and he just might surprise you.

8. He might need time alone time

If you’re dating someone who is a little quieter, or more introspective, alone time is gold dust. In our increasingly busy lives, having some time that you know is yours is essential for introverted people. You might forget that hanging out with a partner still counts as socializing or still requires effort. Respect that he might need a break, even from you.

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