Nasty C excited to watch a live football match for the first time in Los Angeles (Video)


Nasty C expresses excitement for being invited to watch a live football match in Banc of California Stadium.

The rapper shared an exciting story of how he lost interest in soccer because of his dad.

However, for the first time ever in his life, Nast C gets to watch a football match in a stadium in Los Angeles.

This must have been an unexpected dream come true for the rapper, as he’s not fond of talking publicly about his life, but he did this time around.

Read the story below and check out the videos and photos:

“So look.. growing up, My dad & @tevywevy33 were @orlandopirates fans & them being the 2 coolest male figures in my life, BY DEFAULT I became a fan too & with me being so different from everyone around me I thought 4sure that was the 1 thing that we could bond over, also coz we were the only pirates’ fans in the house… then 1 day when I was about 13yrs old or so, my dad had 3 tickets to watch @orlandopirates play & I had no doubt in my mind I was about to have the best time of my life with big bro & pops.. but instead, I GOT SNUBBED & they took my other brother @siyabonga4117 instead, who was a @kcfcofficial fan & DIDNT EVEN CARE ABOUT SOCCER!! KAIZER WASN’T EVEN PLAYING THAT DAY!!!!”

“Lmao I had a lump in my throat that whole day & since then I just didn’t give a FUCK about soccer… AT ALL. I skipped all my practice sessions & stuck to the one thing they both didn’t respect or approve. Yes nigga, I was bitter, I was hurt!!!”

“Fast forward over a decade later, all the way across the planet I get invited to watch a live game 4 THE FIRST TIME EVER!! By @domani who by the way, is the son of the guy WHO MADE ME WANNA RAP.. how fuckn crazy is that smh. Maaan.. anyway, I didn’t mean to get that deep, its just that the kid in me wants to hold this L up to @tevywevy33 & pops’ face. Lmao with love tho. Thanks bro @domani that shit was special to me dawg. AND @murdabeatz & @ellamai were right there with us!!”


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