Blaq Diamond allegedly fail to settle their bill at The Pavilion Lounge




Blaq Diamond has been accused of allegedly failing to settling their bill at The Pavilion Lounge last night.

The news was made known by blogger Musa Khawula stating that the duo felt a little short when it was time to pay off their bill.

However, they had a good time at the lounge but things did not go well for them at the end.

Blaq Diamond were accused of failing to settle their bill of all the booze they were drinking at this club last night.

A copy of a receipt from of the bill from last night at The Pavilion Lounge clearly shows that when it was time for the pair to settle their bill, they felt under.

An amount of R8500 00 was due to be paid by Blaq Diamond, however the pair failed to pay the full account as the credit card details shows on the receipt that the funds were insufficient.

“Black Diamond visits The Pavillion Lounge and fail to settled their bill a lil over R8500” wrote Musa Khawula

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