“Learn to apologize when you’re wrong” – Major League DJz gives relationship advise




Major League DJz has taken Twitter to educate fans about relationships and friendship.

In the first tweet, the duo stated that so many relationships and friendships clashes due to lack of apologies when one is wrong.

The star stated that apologizing costs nothing as it only helps to fix things quickly.

“Lack of ” I’m sorry” has destroyed many relationships and friendships. Learn to apologize when you’re wrong, it costs nothing. Don’t sleep without fixing things. Call your girl my brother, call your man my sister. Put your pride aside.”

Major League DJz went on to say that np woman can be good enough for a man who is not matured.

“No matter how good of a woman you are, you’ll never be good enough for a man who’s not mature. You don’t owe anyone a lasting relationship, you owe yourself happiness. If it gets toxic, leave!”

See tweet below:

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