Gospel star Pulane Maphari opens up about being stripped of her SAMA




Gospel singer Pulane Maphari has finally opened up after she was stripped of her South African Music Award (SAMA) for Best Contemporary Faith Album.

On 13 September, City Press reported that Pulane Maphari was stripped of her Best Contemporary Faith Album SAMA. The publication reported that Maphari allegedly “repackaged, renamed and paraded” her album Sacrificial Worship (Live).

The star who won the award in August for her album Sacrificial Worship (Live) said that she had seen an article about being stripped of the award before she was informed of the news.

The gospel star added that she wishes she would’ve been “disqualified from the beginning”.

Pulane said she learnt of her SAMA being stripped after reading an article about the news. She checked her emails and noticed that the article was published minutes after the email was sent.

“It was just unfortunate that I saw the article first but the email was just letting me know basically that I’ve been disqualified for the award and that automatic disqualification is based on the reasons that they’ve put forth,” said Maphari.

“Unfortunately, I unknowingly entered the SAMAs not knowing that it was one of the rules. I had no idea. I find myself in this position. I just wish that we could have just disqualified me from the beginning when I entered because for me, I did not know. It’s unfortunate that I find myself in this position.”